Business Operations


The SANOCHEMIA Group consists of four divisions:

The PRODUCTION Division is engaged in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances (APIs), drug formulation and pharmaceutical production. These activities are performed either on behalf of the Human Pharmaceuticals Division or on a contract manufacturing basis and are, in part, based on patent-protected processes. The range of services provided by this division spans the chemical synthesis of innovative APIs to the manufacture of drugs and clinical diagnostics.

The HUMAN PHARMACEUTICALS Division is primarily responsible for the Group's diagnostic activities. Our most important radiological products include a range of x-ray imaging agents and the MRT imaging agent launched in Germany in March 2008. The extension of SANOCHEMIA's product portfolio through the inclusion of a therapeutic, tolperisone, has added to this segment's revenue-generating potential.

VETERINARY PHARMACEUTICALS: As a result of the acquisition of Alvetra & Werfft GmbH, Sanochemia now holds a veterinary medical product portfolio with established distribution channels - some of which in the form of subsidiaries - in CEE markets, the Middle East and South-East Asia. This latest acquisition underpins the international expansion of Sanochemia and also generates synergy effects in the areas of production, administration and drug development.

Our RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Division is responsible for the Group's development activities. Our competitive advantage lies in a combination of assessing the clinical potential of our drug candidates and in the speedy performance of pre-clinical and clinical trials. We prefer to target substances that, in addition to licensing revenues, also have the potential to generate additional added value through the use of our state-of-the-art synthesis plant and pharmaceutical production facilities.

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