The modern SANOCHEMIA Pharmazeutika AG was established by Dr. Werner Frantsits on 13. 11. 1990. Initial operations focussed on the manufacture and sale of human pharmaceuticals. True to its principle of retaining product-specific knowledge in-house, SANOCHEMIA has accumulated a comprehensive resource of pharmaceutical expertise over the years. This and the concentration on specific fields enables SANOCHEMIA to offer a unique and constantly expanding range of highly qualified standards and technologies for drugs, x-ray contrast media and imaging agents.

Following its acquisition of a stake in Goldham Pharma GmbH, Germany, in 1999, SANOCHEMIA secured a foothold in a new business area – that of imaging agents. The purchase of the remaining shares in this company in 2002 allowed the company to form the core of today’s SANOCHEMIA Diagnostics operations.

This and other subsequent acquisitions and projects were made possible by the company’s IPO on 12 May 1999, since which time SANOCHEMIA Pharmazeutika AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.




  • Founding of SANOCHEMIA Pharmazeutika AG on 13 November 1990


  • Filing of patent applications covering synthetic manufacturing process for galantamine
  • First patent awarded for galantamine synthesis and, with it, global patent protection


  • Cooperation agreements signed with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Merger with Waldheim Pharmazeutika
  • IPO


  • Acquisition of 50% stake in Goldham Pharma
  • First registration of Reminyl (Alzheimer’s drug based on galantamine) in Europe
  • Award of the final synthesis patent for the industrial synthesis of galantamine
  • Acquisition of a further 25% stake in Goldham
  • Launch of Scanlux (first generic x-ray contrast medium) in Austria and Germany


  • Regulatory approval granted for Reminyl (containing galantamine) in the USA
  • Founding of SANOCHEMIA UK
  • FDA approval of synthesis plant for galantamine (and approval for synthetically manufactured galantamine)


  • EU marketing authorisation process for synthetic galantamine completed
  • SANOCHEMIA Diagnostics established


  • SANOCHEMIA Diagnostics International founded in Switzerland


  • SANOCHEMIA Corporation established in US
  • Opening of representation offices in China and India
  • Majority participation in AlcaSynn


  • Licensing and marketing of tolperisone in Germany, launch in Germany
  • Rounding off of the radiological portfolio through the inclusionof an MRT imaging agent
  • Development of a new high-purity form of tolperisone as a new chemical entity (NCE)
  • US patent for PVP hypericine (formulation and use of the active ingredient)
  • First patent granted for improved galantamine production process
  • European registration dossiers filed for tolperisone and MRT imaging agent
  • Marketing authorisation (DCP) for MRT imaging agent in Europe and US approval for Scanlux (x-ray imaging agent)
  • Out-licensing of Agileo (tolperisone formulation) for Turkey
  • clinical trials of PVP hypericin in the diagnosis and therapy of bladder cancer
  • Stock exchange: Listing in the MID-MARKET of the Vienna Stock Exchange since February 2010 / Frankfurt: Change to the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange completed with effect from May 2010
  • Exclusive distribution agreement for radiological products in Spain, Portugal and Latin America with IBEROINVESA Pharma SL
  • Acquisition of Alvetra & Werfft GmbH
  • Radiology: new distribution partnerships in Iran, Russia and Indonesia
  • Capital increase in Q1 funds future development of Sanochemia and increases free float to 40%
  • Final report on Vidon (bladder cancer diagnostic) confirms results of successful Phase IIa clinical trial
  • Radiology - market entry in Columbia, Lybia, Philippines, South-Korea, Yemen
  • License Agreement with Katama Pharmaceuticals for Tolperison US
  • US Patent for synthesis of high purity Galantamin
  • first international sales partnership for Secrelux
  • Submission of Approval for MR Contrast Media in US
  • Change to the Entry Standard at the stock exchange Frankfurt
  • FDA Approval for production site in Neufeld
  • Extension of the product range with Alvecard®
  • Final study results of Vidon® Phase 2b study reported
  • Sanochemia signs global Distributions Rights Agreement with global pharmaceutical partner
  • Successful conclusion of a contract with a leading pharmaceutical company over marketing rights in Europe for an MR contrast agent
  • National approvals for Cyclolux®
  • Patent application for Vidon®
  • Notice of Allowance of the US Patent Office for Tolperison
  • Successful refinancing of the bond 2012/17
  • Notice of Allowance of the US Patent Office for Vidon®
  • Notice of Allowance of the US Patent Office for two new tolperisone patents
  • non-sedative Effects of tolperisone confirmed
  • Disbursement of the bond 2012/17
  • Change to the Basic Board at the stock exchange Frankfurt
  • Exclusive license agreement for the development and commercialization of Vidon®
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