SANOCHEMIA - an Overview

Who we are    The Specialty Pharmaceuticals Company
SANOCHEMIA has elected to focus  on the development and manufacture of novel drugs in the indication areas of neurodegeneration, pain and oncology. As an innovative and flexible pharmaceutical specialist, we identify and tap previously unexploited potential in active ingredients and develop new presentations and formulations where these breakthroughs can secure patent protection.
Our strategy    "What we develop we can also produce"
We concentrate on those segments of the value-added chain where our past successes have enabled us to accumulate expertise and experience. These include the development of synthesis processes for galantamine and tolperisone. This strategy also encompasses being able to produce everything we develop - a key to retaining substances-specific knowledge in-house and achieving long-term competitive advantages. Short development times, rapid marketing authorisations and early product launches are other central aspects of our strategy.
Our competences     Clear focus on core areas of expertise
Our strenghts and expertise lie in the efficient implementation of development projects within reach of the market, i.e. from pre-clinical stages through to registration. The in-house development of stereo-selective and patented synthesis processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients is key to our future growth prospects.
Our business segments     R & D, Production and Clinical Diagnostics
  • Production: In this area, SANOCHEMIA's focus lies on the synthesis of active substances and the manufacture of finished products for our own sales activities and those of other pharmaceutical players.
  • Diagnostics: Our diagnostics business is centred around the manufacture and sales of clinical diagnostics. We distribute imaging agents through our subsidiary SANOCHEMIA Diagnostics. Since 2008, our product range has also included an imaging agent for magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).
  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals: Following the acquisition of Alvetra, the Group now includes five additional subsidiaries in the veterinary medicine segment, some of which are located in important CEE markets, and will also be able to tap synergies in the areas of administration and production.


» The focus in R&D is on the development of successor products in order to establish its own portfolios. The range of activities extends from the in-licensing of patented APIs and their further clinical development through to marketing authorisation.


The key to future success

The future growth of SANOCHEMIA will largely be derived from a combination of in-house developments with high mid-term revenue potentials and profitable, organic growth in our regular operations - the manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products.
 Key Performance Indicators
in M €2010/20112009/20102008/2009
Sales revenues34.127.129.5
Research spending-1.6-2.6-4.6



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