The Production Facility in Neufeld, Austria

We supply our "made in Austria" speciality pharmaceuticals to customers and markets around the world. The success and ongoing rise in demand for our products are clear signals to continue expanding our Austrian speciality pharmaceuticals facility in Neufeld. This strategy involves targeted investments in production technologies, infrastructure and constant product improvements.


  • The existing technical infrastructure, our highly skilled personnel, and the central location close to Vienna are the decisive arguments in favour of the production facility in Neufeld. A further advantage is the association between the Company's own training programme, in-house R&D and many years of experience in the manufacture of APIs and finished pharmaceuticals.


  • In recent years, SANOCHEMIA has invested heavily in the expansion of its production facilities and significantly upgraded the Neufeld facility. As a result, our development and production plants remain of the highest technical standards. Following the construction of a new logistics centre in 2007, a further phase of the current investment programme has been completed - one which provides the ideal prerequisites for our future success as a full service provider in the specialty pharmacuetical sector.
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