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SANOCHEMIA – an Austrian success story

While the origins of the company in Neufeld, Burgenland, date back to the19th Century, the turning point came in 1984 when, under the management of Werner Frantsits, a project was launched to establish a pharmaceutical production unit that subsequently started operating the following year. Another major achievement along the way was the floatation of the company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in May 1999, a step which set the course for growth and accounted for much of today`s success.


In a relatively short periodof time, SANOCHEMIA has become a modern company aligned to the needs of the market and financially stable in terms of its equity ratio and turnover. This progress is also attributable to our growing level of internationalisation – something which is built on products which address the needs of the global market. These successful partnerships with other international pharmaceutical players have been complimented by strategic alliances and investments.


SANOCHEMIA today –  a specialty pharmaceuticals company
A local firm with a long tradition has been transformed to become a highly specialised pharmaceutical company that has exhibited steady growth and development for a number of years. The conscious repositioning of the company as a provider of specialty pharmaceuticals with a marked focus on our core competences of development and production is aimed at complex drug indications in segments of the pharmaceutical market characterised by above average growth

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