Pharmaceutical production

The manufacture and sale of human pharmaceuticals and diagnostics has long been the company’s core business. Our many years of experience in product development, drug formulation and regulatory affairs have enabled us to establish SANOCHEMIA as a full service provider in these areas. In recent years we have added the knowledge and production capacities needed to manufacture our growing number of in-house developments.


The expansion of our pharmaceutical production facility allow us to manufacture a range of top-quality finished drug products and diagnostics covering more sections of the value-added chain than was previously possible.


SANOCHEMIA specialises in the manufacture of sterile and semi-sterile liquid and semi-liquid presentations, including antibiotics and hormones, according to GMP standards. Regular health authority inspections and constant quality control monitoring ensure that product quality is never compromised.


Product development and formulation

Our competence areas and state-of-the-art production facilities make us a preferred service provider in the fields of:


  • Drug formulation and optimisation
  • Scale-up and technology transfer
  • Process validation
  • Pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs and the preparation of CTDs, Module 3
  • Method validation


Analytical services

Our highly qualified and experienced team of chemists can provide comprehensive support services involving the analysis of APIs and finished products and including method development, validation and stability studies.

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