Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales of our clinical diagnostics for imaging procedures is undertaken by the relevant subsidiaries of SANOCHEMIA Pharmazeutika AG. Global activities in this area are managed by a network of strong cooperation partners.



  • Following the establishment of SANOCHEMIA Corp. in 2004, we also have an important strategic position in the high-margin US market. SANOCHEMIA has for years successfully marketed an HIV-1 AIDS test in the US and will supplement this in-house development with x-ray imaging agents from the end of 2009.  


  • In Austria, we aim to continue consolidating our market position with radiological products and have recently expanded our team of medical sales representatives to this end. We are now present in all federal provinces and have considerably improved the level of service offered to our customers.


  • The UK market is managed by SANOCHEMIA Diagnostics UK Ltd. based in Bristol.
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