Products for the Global Market

In recent years, SANOCHEMIA has developed into a globally active player. Our products are already available in many of the world's most important markets. Around 20 tonnes of APIs and approximately three million packaging units of drugs leave our facility in Neufeld every year. Our innovative APIs, pharmaceuticals and range of imaging agents provide us with a presence in numerous countries.


  • Tolpersione, our most important in-house pharmaceutical development since galantamine, was launched in Germany in 2007. SANOCHEMIA developed a novel manufacturing process for this high quality API upon which the entire industrial-scale manufacturing process is now based. SANOCHEMIA's patented new formulation of the muscle relaxant tolperisone is supplied from our production facility in Neufeld.


  • The synthetic API galantamine manufactured by SANOCHEMIA is ultimately used in an Alzheimer's drug marketed globally by Janssen-Cilag and Shire Pharmaceuticals.


  • The core of our diagnostics range is made up of imaging agents for all radiological and urological investigations. The product portfolio has recently been strengthened through the addition of an MRT diagnostic for full-body scans. Our imaging agents are already marketed in over 30 countries, partly through our own subsidiaries and partly through distribution partners.
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