Quality, Safety, Environment


Corporate objectives

SANOCHEMIA operates in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry.

For this reason, we bear a particular responsibility for the quality and safety of our products, not to mention for ustainable environmental protection. The drugs and diagnostics we manufacture play a key role in improving quality of life for millions of patients. Ensuring the top quality of our products and services is therefore a central corporate objective in all business divisions. We are also committed to ensuring the highest possible levels of occupational safety for the personnel at our production facility in Neufeld, Austria, as well as the safety of those people living in the immediate vicinity of the plant.


High standards in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment are today key competitive factors for the sustainable commercial success of companies in the healthcare industry. Our commitment to GMP and FDA guidelines ensures optimum levels of product quality. Top quality products and honouring delivery deadlines are key to meeting customers rising quality requirements. Quality management, however, means more than simply striving for product quality. It includes aspects such as transparency in manufacturing terms and optimal levels of safety integrated into all work processes.

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Meeting our high quality requirements will continue to be not only an obligation faced by SANOCHEMIA, but also a matter of course in order to safeguard the competitiveness of our products and services in global markets. The continuous improvement of all processes within the Company represents a permanent objective for SANOCHEMIA.

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