One of SANOCHEMIA’s top priorities is limiting its impact on resources and the environment. As a production-oriented company, we bear a certain responsibility not only to our shareholders, but also to the many stakeholders of SANOCHEMIA including those living close to our facilities. Our primary objective is therefore the sustainable development of the Neufeld production site. Besides compliance with the relevant environmental regulations, we also aim to constantly improve environmental protection at the plant by means of an internal HSE programme.


  • Integrated environmental protection is an important aspect at SANOCHEMIA following the introduction of equipment-based steps to cut emissions. Instead of costly efforts to retrospectively remedy environmental damage, our main focus is on a responsible approach to managing and exploiting resources. This objective was reached as early as the planning phase for the construction of the new synthesis plant, as a result of which emissions have been reduced and requirements for cooling water have been cut by 90%. Further water savings have also been achieved during the production process.

  • We continuously aim to reduce the risks for personnel, local residents, customers and consumers associated with the manufacture, storage, shipment, sale, use and disposal of products. In this context, we were recently successful in further improving the separation of waste fractions. A special waste collection store has now been set up for the safe temporary storage of hazardous waste fractions.


  • In the interests of integrated occupational safety, a number of building projects have improved plant safety and reduced the likelihood of equipment failures. Specialised training courses are regularly held to keep personnel up to date on preventative, systematic and comprehensive safety and environmental aspects.


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