Our product strategy

We focus our R&D activities on two key areas: the development of in-house patent-protected products and processes, and the in-licensing of innovative product candidates.

SANOCHEMIA’s strategy places a high degree of emphasis on patent protection and intellectual property rights. Commercial success is dependent on adequate patent protection. Consequently, the Company insists that every Research & Development project is safeguarded by several patent families covering the substance, its uses, formulations and manufacturing processes. Patents are central to the success of all projects.

Pre-clinical testing is the phase during which important insights into the efficacy and the potential uses of substances are obtained.
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Human clinical trials are expensive, but a compulsory precondition for marketing authorisations.Approximately 40% of a drug's development costs are incurred in the course of these trials.
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Life Cycle Management: In addition to the development of new drug substances further options for improving the quality of life of patients are offered by innovative formulations of known APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).
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