Therapeutic Areas

SANOCHEMIA’s Research & Development strategy focuses on indications with increased marketing expectations based on future demographic changes like increased life expectancies. Additionally, we target therapeutic areas with high growth expectations in pharmaceutical market e.g. CNS disorders, pain and oncological diagnosis. We have systematically selected our product pipeline within these indications. By focusing on these key areas we have established competitive advantages that allow us to use specialist expertise to promote efficient drug development.


Therapeutic Area: Pain Management

Effective pain management is a complex topic and a demanding challenge in medicine. A wide spectrum of treatment options is needed in modern drug therapy because of the various degree of pain, the different underlying disordes and the broad range of individual subjective perception in pain patients.




Malignant tumours are second only to cardio-vascular disease as the foremost cause of death in industrialised countries. In addition to preventative factors, (e.g. not smoking), early diagnosis plays a key role in improving the prognosis of patients.

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